SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown Tour

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Duration: 2 hours
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Experience Highlights

Enjoy an approximately two-hour walking tour of SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. These neighbourhoods are New York's oldest and have some of the Big Apple's most compelling stories.

During your tour you will be able to:

  • Have the guidance of a local guide.
  • Walk the popular streets of SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. During your walk, you will find a great diversity of restaurants, shops and art.
  • Stroll through SoHo's historic Cast Iron district, an area famous for its wrought iron buildings.

What’s included

  • Walking tour of Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown.
  • Local guide.

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Step by Step

Discover Manhattan's most iconic neighbourhoods with this two-hour walking tour of Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown. Accompanied by a local guide, you'll get to know the mix of cultures in these three interesting areas of New York.

During your tour, you will see 19th century buildings, historic churches and several sites linked to the mafia that lived in Lower Manhattan for years.

From your guide, you will learn about the experiences of the first Italian expatriates. You will also learn how Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown have changed over the years. Today they are renowned for their restaurants, shops and art.

You'll stroll through Soho's historic Cast Iron district, an area popular for its wrought-iron buildings.

You'll love walking through the colourful and lively streets of Little Italy, as you get a taste of the Italian lifestyle. This neighbourhood welcomed the first immigrants from Italy, where they settled for decades.

Head to Chinatown, where you'll see avenues lined with Chinese signs, knock-off shops and a variety of restaurants. This neighbourhood is home to one of the largest concentrations of Chinese inhabitants in the West.

Venture into these historic and authentic New York neighbourhoods and the best way is with the guidance of a local.


· 518 Reviews
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    Our tour of Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown was one of the highlights of our visit to New York. It was very interesting to see neighbourhoods that you don't find so easily as a tourist when you go on your own.
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    This was a great walk through a fascinating part of Manhattan that we didn't know much about. This is the second walking tour we have done in New York and I highly recommend it as a way to discover all three areas. The walk was at a relaxed pace and there were opportunities to pause and ask questions.
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    The guide was very informative, very professional and made everyone feel comfortable, thank you for a great day.
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    We only spent 3 full days in New York, so we decided to take a guided tour of Soho, Little Italy and China Town. Our guide was very informative and told us everything from where to eat, buy bargains etc. as well as local history and stories about the past. From ghost times to organised crime.
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