Cheap Tickets to Disneyland Paris: how to buy, prices and discounts

Visiting Disneyland Paris will take you back to your childhood. Make the most of the park with these tips to get the cheapest tickets.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Cheap Tickets to Disneyland Paris: how to buy, prices and discounts

Cinderella's Castle, Disneyland Paris | ©David Jafra

The multitude of attractions and everything you can learn about cinema and special effects make Disneyland a unique visit for everyone, even if you don't have children or even if Disney films are not your favourite.

Before buying your ticket, you should know that there are two parks: the traditional park (Disneyland) and the Disney Studios park (Walt Disney Studios). They are next to each other and both have attractions: the most economical way is to buy a 1-day ticket valid for one of the two parks.

The best option

Disneyland Paris 1 Day Tickets

The cheapest one-day ticket that gives you the option to enjoy one or both parks.

Choose whether you want to dedicate your day to just one of the two parks or you want to enjoy both parks and the best attractions of each one as many times as you want.

The Disneyland Paris day ticket is not only the most economical option to visit the Disney universe, but also adapts to the preferences you have during your visit. Choose whether you prefer to dedicate your day to just one of the parks (the one you want) or if, for a little more money, you prefer to enter both parks, passing from one to the other when you feel like it.

Of course, the ticket gives you access to all the attractions and shows of the chosen park or of both if that's the case. Buying your ticket in advance will allow you to make the most of your time, as you will not have to queue at the entrance and, once you validate it, you will be able to enjoy everything the Disney Parks have to offer as many times as you want and in the order you want.

  • Recommended if... you want to secure your entrance to the Disney Parks before your visit and not have to wait in line on arrival.

How to get the cheapest tickets to Disneyland

Strolling around Disneyland Paris
Strolling around Disneyland Paris

My advice is to buy your Disneyland tickets online and in advance to get the best prices: you can also buy a one-day ticket, a combined ticket for two days -which is cheaper than if you buy both separately- and even take a package which includes transport from Paris and is also cheaper than buying it separately.

After doing a thorough study of all the types of tickets available, the one-day park ticket is the cheapest, especially if you select to visit only one of the two parks.

Book one-day tickets to Disneyland Paris

How much do Disneyland tickets cost?

Visiting Disney in Paris| ©Patricia Ferreira
Visiting Disney in Paris| ©Patricia Ferreira

From 72 euros you can get the cheapest tickets for Disneyland. In this case, you will have access for one day to one of the two parks, you can choose any of them. If you want to make the most of the day and try to enjoy as many attractions as possible, from 100 euros you can buy tickets for both parks.

Other options are the multi-day passes to Disneyland, with which you can choose when booking how many days you want to visit the Disney complex in Paris. From around 175 euros for a two-day ticket to around 300 euros for a four-day pass, you will have unlimited access to both parks.

Book tickets to Disneyland Paris

Can you visit both parks in one day?

Entrance to the park| ©Thomas Evraert
Entrance to the park| ©Thomas Evraert

Disneyland Paris is a whole complex that includes, apart from the parks, shops, hotels, discos, restaurants and squares. However, if you want to save on entrance fees and you are not a Disney enthusiast , it is a good option to visit both parks even if you can only spend one day.

Everything is taken care of in the same detail as the parks (after all, the whole universe of Disney parks is characterised precisely by the meticulousness and care behind each element). With your 1-day Disneyland ticket you can explore much of the resort, although there will be many attractions and shows that you will have to reserve for another time.

Does it make financial sense to buy a two-day ticket?

If you are staying for two days, of course: the most economical option is to buy a 2-day ticket to Disneyland from the beginning and dedicate a whole day to each park.

What's more, if you really like Disney World, perhaps the ideal option for you is to buy a 3-day pass to see both parks. For a little more money you can really stop and enjoy both parks at your leisure. You can choose any of these options when booking multi-day tickets.

Book multi-day tickets to Disneyland Paris

Save on tickets and don't miss out on Walt Disney Studios Park

The Hollywood Tower Hotel, Walt Disney Studios| ©Zino Scheers
The Hollywood Tower Hotel, Walt Disney Studios| ©Zino Scheers

For those who are curious about the world of cinema and special effects, the Walt Disney Studios will be a paradise and remember that it is included in your 1-day park ticket. You will save with the pass if you choose to see it together with Disneyland on the same day.

It offers different shows (with several shows throughout the day) in which they tell you how Disney films were made or which were the first special effects in the history of cinema. You can see an action car show, enter the Armageddon ship, ride the Aerosmith roller coaster or try the Tower of Terror free fall.

This park also has areas dedicated to Pixar films such as Toy Story, Monsters SA, Finding Nemo (the turtles' air currents attraction is one of the must-see attractions) and Ratatouille. It is a smaller park than the main one, but it has nothing to envy in terms of attractions and shows. I strongly recommend you not to exclude it from your visit.

Ana's Traveller Tip

If you are going to see both parks in one day, remember that Walt Disney Studios closes at 7pm, while Disneyland is open until 11pm.

Choose flexible entry if you are unsure of your dates

Sunset at Disneyland| ©G R
Sunset at Disneyland| ©G R

If there is one thing we have learned in recent times is that flexibility when travelling and being able to change or cancel dates is an advantage. So, if you are thinking of travelling to Paris and you are not sure what day you want to visit Disney, you can choose the flexible ticket to Disneyland Paris with a year's duration.

How does it work? Very easy! You buy it and choose the date you want and the ticket will be valid for one year from the same day. So a good tip is to book it for the first day you are going to be in Paris to make sure you can use it the day that best suits you during your trip.

Book tickets to Disneyland Paris

The cheapest one-day ticket with transport from Paris

Disneyland Paris main ride
Disneyland Paris main ride

Whichever ticket option you choose, there are services that include transport to the park. The resort is far from the centre of Paris (in the Marne-la-Vallée area) and, although you can get there by RER trains (the cheapest option), you'll save a lot of time with a Disneyland ticket with shuttle bus included - and you'll arrive directly at the parks' gates.

Book tickets to Disneyland Paris

For a little extra, choose private transport to and from Disneyland

Private transfer| ©Dan Gold
Private transfer| ©Dan Gold

After the ride, the queues to get out of Disney are impressive and even longer to get on the train. If you are considering the option of investing a little more but having more freedom of timetables and movement, I advise you to consider the option of buying your ticket to Disneyland and booking a private transfer to and from Disneyland, you will be very grateful for it.

Book tickets to Disneyland Paris

The best tips to save money at Disneyland

Alice at Disneyland Paris| ©Morgan Moinet
Alice at Disneyland Paris| ©Morgan Moinet

If you're looking forward to going to Disneyland but you're scared of going over budget, don't worry. We've already seen that there are ways to get your tickets cheaper, but if you'll allow me, here's a little checklist you can follow to make sure your visit to the park is a lot cheaper while having a great time without worrying about your wallet:

  • Tickets: in advance and online to get them cheaper: as we have already seen, this is the cheapest 1-day ticket to Disneyland.
  • Souvenirs: you will be struck by the dozens of corners where you can get any kind of Disney souvenir in the park, but do not fall into the temptation of these "tourist traps": the vast majority of soft toys, mugs, T-shirts, etc., you can get them in shops outside the park or in the centre of Paris and they will be cheaper.
  • Accommodation: sleeping inside the park is often an unnecessary luxury: if you don't have the budget to stay in one of Disneyland's resorts, don't worry. There are areas around the park that are very well connected to the park and that will allow you to make the most of your time without spending the money that the park's hotels cost.
  • Low season, best prices: Spring and summer tend to be the busiest seasons in the park and therefore tickets, accommodation and even transport may be a little more expensive. If you have a choice, avoid high season (plus there will be less crowds inside!).
  • Avoid weekends and public holidays if you can: all year round there are special dates, such as Christmas or Halloween, but also long weekends or even Saturdays and Sundays, when everything is more expensive (and crowded). If you can, avoid them for a cheaper but also more relaxed experience.
  • Use public transport to get to the park: it may not be the most convenient, as there are peak times when trains are more crowded, but it's definitely a good way to save on the day. However, if you are thinking of hiring private transport, you already know that this option is available.
  • Save on meals: many of the park's restaurants have above-average prices. So choose well where you sit down to eat: check the menu before ordering and if you can, take snacks in your backpack to save on snack costs. You'll be able to refuel without having to pay extra.

Book day tickets to Disneyland Paris

Make the most of your time at the Disneyland Park

Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland| ©Thomas Evraert
Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland| ©Thomas Evraert

With all the information on how to buy the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris, it's time to enjoy yourself by getting an idea of what you'll find in a park that (I repeat) is not just for children. Disney's strong point is not its attractions, although Space Mountain is a pioneer among indoor roller coasters; neither are its shows, although its rides are famous all over the world; not even the characters that interact with children.

In Disney parks, constant innovation and attention to detail are the strong point and it is something that can be perceived in everything; that is why adults, aware of this, enjoy the visit even more than children. What are you going to find there?

Main Street USA

Disneyland Park is the main park. It is presided over by "Main Street USA": a "village" built around a main square from which to move around the park, full of shops all decorated differently and with a train stop at the entrance that takes you around the park.

Once you have walked along Main Street (and it is worth it, do not think it is just a shopping area because you are wrong), you will have at your disposal the four main areas of the park with their respective attractions and shows, each one of them with a different atmosphere.


This is the most classic Disney area and the one with the largest number of attractions for children. Behind Sleeping Beauty's Castle you will find the Beauty and the Beast mugs, Alice's Labyrinth, Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White and Pinocchio's stories, Dumbo's Flight or the It's a Small World water carousel with characters from all continents.


This is the area dedicated to the future and science fiction and therefore the one with the famous Space Mountain indoor roller coaster (it's a real blast). Here you'll also find the Star Wars flight simulator, Buzz Lightyear's sabre game, Captain Nemo's ship, the Videopolis theatre and a car highway.


This is the territory set in cowboys and Indians. You will find there the Big Thunder Montain, the haunted house (well worth a visit), Pocahontas' village or Woody's rodeo attraction.


Dedicated to the world of adventures, this area has large green areas such as Robinson's Hut and Pirate Beach. The star attractions are the Pirates of the Caribbean (which inspired the film) and the Indiana Jones roller coaster.

Ana's Traveller Tip

Once the night ride is over, the queues for the train are endless. Leave the park a little early or hire private transport to your hotel.

Choose your travel dates wisely and optimise your visit

Light show and pyrotechnics on the Castle| ©Zino Scheers
Light show and pyrotechnics on the Castle| ©Zino Scheers

It stands to reason that such a popular attraction is visited by thousands of people every day. In spite of having extended opening hours, it is convenient to know other tips to explore Disneyland to help you enjoy a perfect day at the park. Here are a few:

Book in advance to get the cheapest tickets

There are huge queues at the park's ticket booths and a lot of things to see in a short time; save yourself the nerves and go straight in with your ticket. The best option to save time and money is to buy your Disneyland Paris tickets in advance: you will receive a voucher that you can exchange for your ticket at any of the automatic machines at the entrance of the park (there are many and you won't have to wait). You will enter the park directly through the turnstiles at the entrance without waiting in line at the ticket office.

Ticket dates and times

Tickets are subject to a time of year, but not to a specific day. You can buy your tickets before your trip to Paris and, once there, decide which day you will use them depending on factors such as the weather. Also, by buying your tickets in advance, you will be able to choose the type of ticket and compare prices, which will allow you to save money and get them cheaper.

Once you validate your ticket at the gate of either of the two parks, you will be able to enter as often as you like throughout the day, but bear in mind that the studio park closes earlier than the main park (around 7pm), which is open until after the night-time parade (around 11pm). Closing time may vary depending on the time of year, but the opening time is always 9:30. You can find more information in our post about Disney Parks opening hours.

When to go

Disneyland Paris is open every day of the year (there may be exceptions announced on its website, but this is not common), but depending on the season you go, you will find some special events or others. There are periods of the year dedicated to the different Disney films and special celebrations for Christmas or Halloween.

When planning your visit to Disneyland Paris you have to take into account that it rains a lot in Paris, so it is a good idea to check the weather before your visit; you can visit the park when it rains, but you won't enjoy it as much. It is also advisable to avoid the hottest days, which also coincide with the high season (summer). As for days of the week, the same rule applies as for other tourist sites: avoid weekends and public holidays.

Book day tickets to Disneyland Paris

Save on transfers and plan your time well

Metro| ©Sam Nashashibi
Metro| ©Sam Nashashibi

Organising your visit to Disneyland taking into account its large size and everything there is to see and do there is a recommendation you will be grateful for when you are in the complex. Take note:

How to get there

The Disney parks are far from the centre of Paris, but you can easily get there on the RER (Paris train network). Taking line A (red) is the last stop and is announced in all train stations; it will take you about 45 minutes from the centre of Paris. Here are all the options for how to get there.

The real problem is often getting back, as after the ride you may want to stay for dinner in some of the restaurants outside the park, and even if you don't, you will have to rush to make sure the train doesn't close, as trains don't run in the early hours in Paris.

I recommend you book a private transport to and from Disneyland in advance, as this will avoid last minute rushes and crowds when you enter the park in the morning.

Duration of the visit

The parks open at 9.30am. Disney Studios closes at 19:00 and the main park closes around 23:00 after the nighttime ride ends. To see both parks properly, you need a minimum of two days, as there are many attractions to ride, many shows to see and many details to enjoy.

It is not worth doing the visit in a hurry, but if you have no choice and you are only going to spend one day in Disneyland, choose one of the two parks to enjoy it better (although if you have a ticket for two parks, you can go from one to the other without any problem).

Finally, I leave you these other guides for those who are lucky enough to have more days to visit the Disney World in Paris: What to see in Disneyland Paris in 3 days and What to see in Disneyland Paris in 4 days.

Book multi-day tickets to Disneyland Paris

Other tips to make the most of your visit

Mickey at Disneyland Paris| ©Haydn Blackey
Mickey at Disneyland Paris| ©Haydn Blackey

You already know that there are many attractions to enjoy at Disneyland and it's not every day that you travel to the Disney universe. That's why I'll leave you with these other tips so that young and old alike can make the most of this magical experience.

Save on meals

The Disney Resort is prepared for you to eat in one of its many restaurants, all of them decorated with different themes. Although there are some restaurants with menus, most of the food you will find is fast food (pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs) and you cannot bring food from outside the park.

Save on accommodation

If Disneyland is one of your main destinations during your visit to Paris, I advise you to stay close to the park for your convenience. The accommodations belonging to the Disney complex are really wonderful, but they tend to be much more expensive as well. A good option to find the best value for money and save on your stay is to look for accommodation in the Chessy area, which is much cheaper but equally close to the park and with a good and quick communication with it.


When you enter the park you will be given the programme of shows. Take a few minutes to decide which ones you want to see (if you are in doubt about which one you might like best you can ask any member of Customer Service) and organise your visit according to those schedules.

If you are going to see both parks, it is best to go first to the Studios Park which usually has fewer visitors in the morning and queue for the first passes of the shows held there.

Official app

With so much to see, organising your visit to Disneyland Paris can be a bit chaotic. At the entrance you will be given a map of the park, but when you get to the attractions you will see that many of them have different passes and sometimes there are long queues for them. The best tip: download the park's official App where you can see at all times how long you have to wait for each attraction and where each one is. You'll get more out of your time.

Avoid the queues

At the entrance of some attractions you have a machine to get a fast pass for a certain time. These attractions are marked on the map. Organise your time and, before going on an attraction, get a fastpass for a nearby attraction so that you can go straight to the queue at the time you want.

Be careful, fastpasses also "run out" and there is a certain time when you won't be given any more and you will have to wait in the normal queue. Bear in mind this and also the distances between the different attractions to avoid spending the day running from one attraction to another.

Book day tickets to Disneyland Paris

If you are interested in going to Disney Park Paris, you will also be interested in

Seine River Cruise| ©Joe deSousa
Seine River Cruise| ©Joe deSousa

If your main reason for travelling to Paris is to go to Disneyland, don't miss out on seeing the centre of Paris, even if it's on a day trip. If you don't, you'll regret not setting aside at least one day for it, and although you won't be able to appreciate Paris in its full magnitude during this time, you'll get an idea of the wonders of the city.

If you decide to go all the way to Paris, a very cheap option for an overview is to book the tourist bus that will take you all over the city. Here is an article about Paris Hop on Hop off Bus Tours so you can organise your visit to perfection.

Whether you are travelling with children or not, taking a cruise on the Seine can also be a good option, as they will be more entertained while you can all relax and enjoy the wonderful views. You have more information about Seine River Cruises in Paris in the guide I have prepared on the subject.

And finally, to make the most of your visit to Paris, I recommend that you consider buying the Paris Pass, a tourist card that gives you a "flat rate" to access the best attractions in the city. Here's the practical guide I've put together on the Paris Pass.

Book day tickets to Disneyland Paris